The PGH & The SCCA

Marilyn and I moved into the PGH on Monday. Our new address is 525 Minor Avenue North, Apt 611, Seattle, WA 98109. Note: the PGH is an immune suppressed environment. No plants allowed in the building, not even cut flowers, and, of course, no smoking.

The Pete Gross House
The Pete Gross House

Our apartment is 1BR and comfortable. We are spreading out and making it homelike. I am using the walk-in closet as my computer room. Marilyn’s office is the dining table. So, we just throw our clothes on the floor and eat standing up.

We are on the top floor and above the city’s noise. There is also a rooftop getaway. It is tastefully landscaped with bamboo and numerous exotic shrubs and flowers. The view is gorgeous with Lake Union on one side and the downtown skyline on the other. Now, if only there were sunshine.

Day one was tiring with much information, paperwork, and reading to take back to the apartment. We are well informed, so, when first the Physician’s Assistant and then the Nurse covered known territory, my mind began to wander. Fortunately, Marilyn was at my side all day. Between the two of us we pieced together the important details.

The morning began with a blood draw. Eight color-coded vials were collected. The results were analyzed and would be available before we left the clinic. Wednesday, I can pick up copies. Afterwards, the PA performed a physical and history.

I only had two questions. First of all, could I cease the drug therapy I’ve been on? The answer was yes. I realize stronger medicine is in my future but, for now, this is a small victory. Secondly, can I wear sandals without socks to my appointments? Again, the answer was yes. I’m feeling very spoiled.

Nurse A, who is the coordinator for my transplant team, explained the concept and the players involved. We received a schedule for the next few days. I also took home a hefty resource manual and a handful of consent forms to consider overnight. I hate homework.

The transplant process was sketched out. It is as expected; the actual collection of my blood stem cells, however, may take one of two directions depending upon the extent of cancer in my system. We will know in a day or two. The day concluded with a tour of the clinic’s six floors. We arrived at 9:00 am and were out by 1:00 pm.

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