Thank You

I’m going to jump in here and say a big “thank you” to some of the people who have helped to make this journey possible.

Our families, of course, where it all starts. Especially Ike and Noah, who have risen to some pretty incredible challenges these last few years – more than I ever knew in my first 30.

Nikki Guerra and her loving and generous extended family.

Barb Williams, our house sitter, and the rest of the Dee Highway gang. Don’t let Barb throw too many wild parties while we’re gone!

Ken & Carol Murphy, who are the definition of good neighbors – plowing our driveway, feeding the cat, collecting the mail, and otherwise checking up on us.

Our co-workers, Linda, Judy & Marti, who like it or not will be putting in some long hours this summer to make sure your mail gets delivered.

There will be more, no doubt, for in the midst of our trials we have the privilege to see the best in human kindness and generosity.


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