Marilyn’s Take

We are certainly happy with our decision to come to Seattle for the stem cell transplant. We spend most of our time at either the SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) clinic or our apartment at the Pete Gross House. I can’t say enough about how both of these facilities are tuned in to the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients.


The SCCA is a well-oiled machine, exuding efficiency and confidence. All of John’s appointments have been carried out on time, with competent practitioners handling each of the endless “procedures”. Even as they go about their duties, they are able to inject a little humor and individual touches to the visit. We never feel rushed, there is always time to listen to our concerns, and yet all of the necessary business is accomplished in the allotted time.

The Pete Gross House is similarly impressive. They’ve thought of everything in terms of furnishings, from linens to appliances to furniture to a cancer patient’s needs. By luck of the draw we landed on the 6th floor, where it is quiet and offers something of a view. The property manager is upbeat and helpful, and clearly loves her job. Best of all, it’s only a 10-minute walk between SCCA and PGH. On days when John is not up for the walk, we can use the free shuttle provided by PGH. We’re getting our exercise and glad to be “car-free” most of the time.

This weekend we plan to visit old friends who we haven’t seen for a long time and live in the Seattle area. Best to get out and about while John is still in the evaluation stage.


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