We just returned from an evening trip to the infusion lab where John received 2 units of blood. His hematocrit had dropped to 26%, par for the course after melphalan, which automatically calls for a transfusion. He is finally cashing in on the many gallons he has regularly donated at Hood River blood drives. The … More Transfusion

4th of July

I have been off all medications for three weeks. I feel good. My energy level has risen. I no longer need frequent naps. I walk everywhere and feel strong climbing hills. The numbers representing those changes are clear in my blood labs. My hematocrit, which measures the percentage of red blood cells, is normal. I … More 4th of July

Marilyn’s Take

We are certainly happy with our decision to come to Seattle for the stem cell transplant. We spend most of our time at either the SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) clinic or our apartment at the Pete Gross House. I can’t say enough about how both of these facilities are tuned in to the physical … More Marilyn’s Take