Libra Lullaby

“… since we must always have a suffering world, we must also always have a song”

David Budbill

The Hood River waterfront in between autumn rain showers.

It’s said that “a Libra’s purpose is to use its unbiased and fair stance to fight for the practical cause of the world and make it become a better place. They like balance and justice.” Hmm … That sounds good. These are positive generic affirmations about one’s tendencies if born between September 22nd and October 23rd. In practice, of course, things get a little more complicated.

Libras also sometimes inhabit the wishy-washy world of maybe. My indecision is legendary, not to mention my procrastination. Generalities are great for initiating astrological interpretation. But, for understanding individuals, much scratching beneath the surface should occur.

What I know for sure is that, as a fall baby, I am comfortable with autumn’s intimations of mortality. The transition from languid summers to a season of colorful revival and then the descent into wintry repose fills me with peace.

Mexican Feather Grass in my yard catching falling leaves.

As I observe life’s cycles through the changing seasons, my health concerns retreat. I am not declining with age, I am maturing with experience. My cancer, Multiple Myeloma, blends into the whole. There’s room for it. I manage it without expectations.

And, it’s raining in the Northwest … finally. The noise of tires on wet pavement has music in its swish. The humidity of showers irrigate the moss between my toes and behind my Oregonian ears. A renewed freshness in air quality bathes me in an elixir of hope. Frogs croak from secret hollows where they’d hidden since June’s terrifying Heat Dome. Leaves, resplendent in color, flee their branches to float down in choreographed dances. They spread a multi-colored quilt across roads, paths, and my garden. I’ve hung suet cages for my bird buddies. Balance has returned. I am a happy Libra.

Now, for that song. It’s a song of wondering. More of a mood, than a message. A little whimsy, some philosophy, and a bit of nonsense. It’s for people like me, observers, tolerators, and others who wait well: a Libra lullaby. Complete lyrics can be found in the descriptive notes below the YouTube video.

Nasturtium leaves after a shower.

The song is dedicated to a creative friend, Jazzy. She interprets astrology and reads Tarot Cards online. Understanding the Zodiac and Tarot Cards are not lines of inquiry I pursue. However, if you lean in that direction, then I recommend listening in to Jazzy’s eloquent explanations. You can find her here.


16 thoughts on “Libra Lullaby

  1. I love your poetic musings, John. And this Moonchild also favors the return of autumn every year. And I was much amused by your cat, bathing along with your song . . . Nancy Bianchi Sinclair


  2. I was born riiiight on the cusp…Sept 21 at 10:25pm. So, I understand the tendencies. We all do the best we can. 🙂 Loved the video and song. I was giggling at your cat in the background.


  3. John, as a poet and songwriter, your words are like a soothing balm. Since I am a Taurus (May 1), I do make decisions rather quickly and I hate to wait. Your thoughts about calmly living in the transition of summer to fall, remind me to slow down and enjoy the beauty. Thank you!


  4. Thanks, John. Such beautiful imagery in the fourth paragraph. And the song? One of your finest. Can’t help but smile at that perfect title for a waffling procrastinator. “What I’m Going To Do, I Think.”


  5. John, I’m not a Libra, but fall is my favorite season. I love your imagery, especially those dancing leaves. Hopkins’ “Spring and Fall” is my favorite poem. Thanks for reminding us about the importance of balance. And the song is what we Cajuns call a wonderful “lagniappe”!


  6. Thanks for the reminder that fall is a time to slow down and take thinks in. Nice song and you’d think after a half century I could remember you’re a Libra. I can relate to your impulsive comment regarding Taurus. Keep creating, friend.


    1. Thanks Brian for commenting. Yes, a Libra and you, the bull. 😎 Hope you and Chris are well. Enjoy the holidays! BTW, watching Bosch series on TV. The lead actor is your clone.


  7. Your opening is one of life’s truest truths: “… since we must always have a suffering world, we must also always have a song.” Autumn has a great feeling, your photos show such and words as well. It is a peaceful feeling when one is “comfortable with autumn’s intimations of mortality” ~ I think that is why visually it is the greatest season. A lot of wisdom and art to reflect upon during the season, an appreciation of the young and fresh runs of spring and summer.
    Also, perfect recipe to spend any day with “some philosophy, and a bit of nonsense.”


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