Good Blood, Bad Blood

Monday was a good day, Tuesday not so much. Wednesday I ate well, maybe 75% of normal. That evening I spiked a fever, not high enough to hospitalize me, but close. It vanished within a couple of hours. Thursday, I gave blood and met with the team nurse. Evidently, several transplant patients reported similar fevers. Some went downhill quickly. The clinic has not yet found any common denominator. Nonetheless, this development spooked them.

Last night, my temp rose again; again the duration was short. This morning I feel decent. I continue to work hard on my fluid and food intake. Thus far, my fevers do not jeopardize next Saturday’s exit goal.

Here is a video I made. I’ve put it on YouTube for your convenience. I downloaded a high-resolution version, so click on “watch in high quality.” The video contains a voice over essay I wrote called Good Blood, Bad Blood. There’s music and lots of pictures of the Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge. I made this earlier in the year when I was grappling with the changes caused by my cancer diagnosis. My thoughts then still hold true now.

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