From the Relay for Life in Hood River
From the Relay for Life in Hood River

Once again I spoke too soon. Somebody stop me the next time I make a definitive prediction on this blog. John did NOT get discharged from the hospital today as the docs are running some more tests on his lungs – a CT Scan this morning and a “bronchioscopy” this afternoon or tomorrow. They are trying to identify the infection more precisely so they can target it with the most effective antibiotic. They explained the bronchioscopy as similar to a colonoscopy except they go through your nose into the lungs. Oh joy.

Hopefully the sedation drugs will obliterate any memory of this procedure.

We do not have Internet access at the hospital, but each day I print out the messages on this page and take them over to John. He really enjoys reading them. He hasn’t been able to muster up enough concentration to read a book, and will be happy when I bring over two New Yorkers that arrived in our mail today. He also enjoys the snail mail cards that we’ve received, and many thanks to everyone who contributes their good wishes in one way or another.

I’ve added some photos.


The Relay for Life goes through the night.
The Relay for Life goes through the night.

These are tributes sent to us by Mr. Waucoma. Several of our friends went to the local Relay for Life and walked for John. The Relay was the night before the stem cell harvest, and I’m sure the energy there contributed to his uber successful collection.


Keep the faith, everyone.


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