For the Love of Nancy

Last weekend I learned that one of my favorite bloggers and multiple myeloma compadres succumbed to her disease. Nancy, of “Because I Said So” fame signed off her blog three weeks ago after admitting hospice into her life. We had much in common with respect to our cancer. We both received our multiple myeloma diagnosis … More For the Love of Nancy

Back At The PGH

I just want to let everyone know that John is home from the hospital and feeling better. We are doing an IV antibiotic at home to try and get rid of the pesky pneumonia. John is composing an update that will give his version of the events of the past week in detail. Thank you … More Back At The PGH


Once again I spoke too soon. Somebody stop me the next time I make a definitive prediction on this blog. John did NOT get discharged from the hospital today as the docs are running some more tests on his lungs – a CT Scan this morning and a “bronchioscopy” this afternoon or tomorrow. They are … More Messages

Stem Cell Collection

    17 million stem cells collected today, folks. A bountiful harvest indeed, with approximately 5 million needed per transplant. Thanks to any of you who performed your particular brand of divine intervention to help up the count. John is feeling much better and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Hopefully he will soon … More Stem Cell Collection

To The Hospital

A slight blip on the radar screen as John was admitted to the hospital last night. Serves me right after I proclaimed yesterday that we were a little short on news. When a transplant patient is neutropenic and his temperature reaches a certain level (100.9), he is instructed to call the team nurse. Eager to … More To The Hospital

Bone Pain

LISTLESS is the word of the day, and an apt description for John’s demeanor of the last few days. Suddenly the walk to the clinic is a challenge. With his white blood cells hovering around zero while his reds and platelets continue to drop, the question becomes, “What exactly IS circulating around my system?” While … More Bone Pain

Hold On Tight

Today is the fifth day since treatment. I’m done with the chemo and dex. Now, each morning, for several days, I meet with the team nurse. She gives me two injections of neupogen, or G-CSF. The acronym stands for granulocyte-colony stimulating factor hormone. It is a growth factor produced by a number of different tissues … More Hold On Tight