Black and White

Recently, I changed doctors. The Hood River community does not have an oncology practice. Consequently, they contract with established physicians from Portland, OR. Dr. A is our new visiting hematologist. She attends to all local patients with cancer and, when necessary, manages their chemotherapy in our hospital’s small infusion ward. Fortunately for me, her training … More Black and White

Care Giving

“Genes are like the story and DNA is the language that the story is written in.” Sam Kean, The Violinist’s Thumb Recently, I traveled to Portland, OR for my monthly multiple myeloma support group meeting. In the course of the last 3+ years I have solidified friendships with several other members. We know much of … More Care Giving

On the Road

I’ve been traveling. Recently, my wife and I attended the graduation of our niece from Whitman College in Washington. Tillie, the daughter of my wife’s sister, received a degree in Theatre with a minor in Spanish. She landed a much sought after two-year position at the college admission office, which will provide her income and … More On the Road


In January, I met with Dr. M. Once again, my cancer showed signs of awakening. I feel good. I am not overtly symptomatic. Nevertheless, the myeloma stretched and yawned. After a nearly 2 1/2-year nap, my drug-free remission was about to end. Since last October, we’ve discussed a course of action. I digested statistics from clinical trial … More Choices

The Reality of Hope

I love the musky smell of my tomato plants. Each evening after work, I forage for the ripened fruit, taking in their dense, earthy fragrance. Green peppers share the raised beds. Mother Nature’s fickle architecture of this bell-shaped vegetable pleases the eye as well as the tongue. My wildflowers are going to seed. They attract … More The Reality of Hope


Things I like about Seattle: people riding the bus say, “Thank you,” to the driver when they exit. And, the driver always says, “You’re welcome.” Also, the sidewalk art enhances my wandering. Research into multiple myeloma is among the most dynamic of all cancers. Why? Two major non-profit foundations exist to promote the latest therapies. … More IMF & MMRF

Tests & Classes

I thought I would update the page while John is enjoying his full-body MRI. These first two weeks of diagnostic testing have examined every organ and orifice and testify to SCCA’s attention to detail. So far John is passing all of his tests and is on track for the transplant procedure. We spent 6 hours … More Tests & Classes