Dancing with Savvy

I’ve been taking dexamethasone for my blood cancer, multiple myeloma, since 2007. The synergistic effect of this steroid with myeloma therapies is undisputed. They work, they are inexpensive, and can be taken orally. My cancer continues to wobble without direction, seemingly unable to focus its biology. I attribute much of the myeloma’s poor power of concentration to … More Dancing with Savvy

Spring Reverie

“While we speak, envious time will have already fled: … ” Horace When my wife and I moved into Hood River last April, a canopy of white blossoms greeted us from a flowering cherry in our yard. Once again, demitasse sized blooms decorate the tree. The petals detach and fall, shards of velvet that land undamaged on the … More Spring Reverie

Tender Mercies

In December of 2002, an uninsured driver caused an accident that left my oldest son, Noah, paralyzed. He was 22. In the immediate aftermath, our grief knew no bounds. We searched for answers. But none existed. Our resolve hardened against the injury’s tyranny. We imagined fictitious recoveries. But these were just pantomimes of wishful thinking. … More Tender Mercies

Schrodinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box, and a Pet Cat (Scan)

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard …,” Crosby, Stills, and Nash Actually, there’s just one cat in the yard. At 16 pounds he has the heft of two, but Spanky, our tiger stripe rescue, prowls our new property alone. The … More Schrodinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box, and a Pet Cat (Scan)


Way back on January 20th, a rare sunny day loosened the grip of winter. While out walking, I noticed the year’s first robins exploring the fruit trees. Within 24 hours, colder weather returned and forced these scouts back to their sea level outpost. The early arrival, however, portended winter’s retreat. The days began to lengthen. … More Robins

Black and White

Recently, I changed doctors. The Hood River community does not have an oncology practice. Consequently, they contract with established physicians from Portland, OR. Dr. A is our new visiting hematologist. She attends to all local patients with cancer and, when necessary, manages their chemotherapy in our hospital’s small infusion ward. Fortunately for me, her training … More Black and White


In front of my house is a crescent shaped perennial garden. Though small in size, it gives me endless entertainment, both in tending to its needs and musing on its ecology. Each spring I purchase a sampler of perennials. Every year brings surprises. 2012 gave me a complementary trio of color with coreopsis, valerian, and … More Opportunity

Star Gazing

Lately, the morning sky has drawn me outdoors before first light. There, under the comfort of a blanket, I recline in a deck chair on the front porch. The planets Venus and Jupiter are prominent out east this month. And, due to the absence of streetlights in our remote part of the Hood River Valley, … More Star Gazing