Why Things Happen

Why Things Happen

For J. D. Riso


I listened to the rain fall for hours

And read a mystery next to my cat,

Both of us dismayed by the dark, wet sky.


I listened and read and accrued the clues

Of how and who as to why things happen.

I heard rainwater scampering across


The roof shingles and into the gutter,

Draining the sky to gravity’s rhythm,

Down the spout and away, under the ground.


I turned a page, the cat stretched, and elsewhere,

Far away, sirens curdled the night air

And soured someone’s life, now, gone awry.


An audio version of me reading the poem may be listened to here. Background music is by Tobias Elof, on the ukulele. He plays an original composition titled Picking Herbs.


4 thoughts on “Why Things Happen

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift, John. How did you know it was exactly what I needed to hear today (and lately)? 😀 The skies are always brighter after being washed by the rain. Warmest wishes, always.

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