Black and White

Recently, I changed doctors. The Hood River community does not have an oncology practice. Consequently, they contract with established physicians from Portland, OR. Dr. A is our new visiting hematologist. She attends to all local patients with cancer and, when necessary, manages their chemotherapy in our hospital’s small infusion ward. Fortunately for me, her training … More Black and White

In The Kingdom

Today I began planting my Victory Garden. Am I celebrating survival or sacrificing for the battles ahead? I don’t know, but the elasticity of language makes me laugh. Cancer blogs, replete with war metaphors, have enlisted me in the fray of words. My favorite among the Fighting Myelomas is armamentarium. Twice, I’ve heard doctors use it … More In The Kingdom

No Expectations

In the mountains, in the heart of winter, an antiseptic stillness penetrates the landscape. Many of my solitary walks in December and January were steeped in silence, the crunch of my shoes on road grit the only sound.   By mid-February though, a clatter of orchard ladders mixed with the beat of mariachi music breaks the … More No Expectations

I Do!

Yesterday, my youngest son, Isaac, proposed to his girlfriend Nikki. Meanwhile, I am being the model patient. I limit my socializing; my outings to shop are brief. I wipe clean the handle of the grocery cart before using. I’m careful about not shaking hands or hugging friends. This aspect of recovery comes easy for me. … More I Do!