Tender Mercies

In December of 2002, an uninsured driver caused an accident that left my oldest son, Noah, paralyzed. He was 22. In the immediate aftermath, our grief knew no bounds. We searched for answers. But none existed. Our resolve hardened against the injury’s tyranny. We imagined fictitious recoveries. But these were just pantomimes of wishful thinking. … More Tender Mercies

Back At The PGH

I just want to let everyone know that John is home from the hospital and feeling better. We are doing an IV antibiotic at home to try and get rid of the pesky pneumonia. John is composing an update that will give his version of the events of the past week in detail. Thank you … More Back At The PGH

To The Hospital

A slight blip on the radar screen as John was admitted to the hospital last night. Serves me right after I proclaimed yesterday that we were a little short on news. When a transplant patient is neutropenic and his temperature reaches a certain level (100.9), he is instructed to call the team nurse. Eager to … More To The Hospital

I Miss My Cats

I miss my cats.     During the extensive evaluation at the SCCA, I’d had an EKG that presented an irregularity. So, in order to follow up on every little health clue in preparation for the demanding transplant in my future, a visit to a cardiologist was arranged. Early Monday morning we caught a shuttle … More I Miss My Cats