The Indian Clerk

The cancer continues to sleep. My oncologist, Dr. M., ordered blood labs of CBC, CMP, SFLCA, and SPEP. Nothing stood out, just a bunch of numbers. The myeloma is stable 17 months post transplant. I am not on any maintenance therapy. I take a multi-vitamin, 1000 mg of calcium, and a low dose aspirin each … More The Indian Clerk


Recently, I met with my oncologist, Dr. M. His practice is located in Portland, OR. Each Thursday, however, he travels 60 miles up the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River. Here, he spends the day attending to cancer patients in our small community. He commented that my disease continues to be in “complete remission.” His … More Unremarkable


Nature has a way of making disorder look like a plan. My gardening secret is wildflowers: whatever you do with them works. In my yard, they piece together colorful mosaics that ignore the borders of the frame into which I sowed them last March. Lupine encroaches on the lawn; red poppies take root happily on … More Wildflowers

Multiple Myeloma 101

I have a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma, which presents itself in the bone marrow. Healthy marrow produces the three major types of blood cells our bodies need. White blood cells fight infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen. Platelets make the blood clot and stop bleeding. Myeloma is a malignancy of one type … More Multiple Myeloma 101