Just Coasting Along

“Sometimes, you don’t know where you are going until you get there.” Anonymous In August my wife and I drove to Manzanita on the Oregon coast. We were accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law. Our mutual objective was to escape the inland heat. Each morning we walked Neahkanie Beach. A haiku of fog shrouded Cape … More Just Coasting Along

National Parks

Recently, just prior to my “close call” with pneumonia, my wife and I traveled to Olympic National Park in Washington State. Two friends from Seattle joined us for the trip. We stayed together at Lake Crescent Lodge, which is located just inside the east boundary of the park.  Our history with national parks is long and … More National Parks


Baseball, hot dogs, and the American Flag symbolize our country’s national holiday. My sons will be together in California attending a game between the Giants and their arch rival, the Dodgers. My wife plans to do Hood River’s annual Fourth of July run/walk, a 7.2 mile event from mid-valley to downtown. Years ago, when I … More Flags


Last Sunday morning, I walked six miles. Then, I spent the afternoon working in my garden. I dug up a row of potatoes. I rooted after the spuds like a wild pig. I got down on all fours and, with a potato fork acting as my snout, unearthed the crop. I washed and sorted the … More Harvest

Summer Daze

Soon after posting here in August, my wife and I flew to Chicago. There we attended a three-day symposium advocating for the spinal cord injured community. My wife is Executive Director for the organization that hosted the event. I acted as staff photographer. I powered through the busy weekend and the flights all the while … More Summer Daze

Do Not Hug

Today is getaway day. We expect to arrive home this afternoon. I am tired and bored. There’s little desire to read or write. I lost my strength to explore Seattle. Television’s meaningless braying insults my intelligence, in fact, our collective intelligence. You need only be stuck in front of it for a period of time … More Do Not Hug

Back In Seattle

I feel terrific. My energy level climbed steadily each day I was home. I put in lots of miles walking and puttered in the garden. I spent time with both of my sons. I visited with friends. I ate well. I read and rested. I slept soundly. Monday, we left Hood River in a storm. … More Back In Seattle