Down by the Riverside

Soon after the New Year, I walked the perimeter of a sandbar on the Columbia. It juts north from the Oregon shore in Hood River and is called “The Spit.” Kite board enthusiasts know it as the largest sandy launch site in the Mid-Columbia Basin. From March through October, surfers take off from here and … More Down by the Riverside

Raking Leaves

“There’s a reason you can learn from everything: you have basic wisdom, basic intelligence, and basic goodness.” Pema Chodron Autumn arrived. Outside, the maple trees turned from green to crimson and gold. Their coat of leaves drifted with the wind and tumbled to earth. Undressed, the bare branches revealed damage from last winter’s ice storm: … More Raking Leaves


In front of my house is a crescent shaped perennial garden. Though small in size, it gives me endless entertainment, both in tending to its needs and musing on its ecology. Each spring I purchase a sampler of perennials. Every year brings surprises. 2012 gave me a complementary trio of color with coreopsis, valerian, and … More Opportunity

El Gato del Correos

I returned to work on April 6th following a ten-month absence. I’d taken time off to receive treatment for multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting the plasma cells in my blood. I spent the fall and winter months recuperating from an immune suppressed condition, the result of an autologous stem cell transplant. I am the Postmaster … More El Gato del Correos

Joie De Vivre

For the last several months, I’ve followed the open sea journey of Rich Wilson. He is the only American and the oldest entrant (58) in the Vendee Globe 2008. Some call the VG the Mt. Everest of sailboat racing. The competition goes around the world from France to France with Antarctica to starboard. It’s the … More Joie De Vivre


I’m a pre-dawn rambler, often rising before the sun. I roam through the house, trailed by my nocturnal buddy, Buckwheat, a domestic shorthair cat. She crows noisily until I complete the ritual of feeding and speaking to her with fawning sincerity. Then and only then, she allows me to brew coffee and sit at my … More Lobo

The Little Things

Sunday, I went to the clinic’s pharmacy. I received yet another prescription. I now have drugs to protect me against the chemo and drugs to protect me against the drugs protecting me against the chemo. Currently, my multi-colored pillbox houses seven varieties. Some are twice a day, one is four times a day. I also … More The Little Things