The Infusatorium

I arrive at 8 am. Sam works admitting: name, birthdate, reason for being here. The data links me to my doctor’s orders. I receive a barcoded arm band. The infusatorium opens at 8:30. I wait, reading Web/MD magazine. I wonder if I could write for them. “No,” I decide, “I’m irrelevant. I’m no Brokaw or … More The Infusatorium

A Busy Summer

The summer has been busy with family visits to Hood River. First, my wife’s youngest sister, Linda, arrived. She and her husband have government jobs overseas. They hope to eventually retire here, close to us. Their latest posting, however, is in Pakistan and a farewell peek at our new home seemed appropriate before departing. Then, … More A Busy Summer

Schrodinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box, and a Pet Cat (Scan)

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard …,” Crosby, Stills, and Nash Actually, there’s just one cat in the yard. At 16 pounds he has the heft of two, but Spanky, our tiger stripe rescue, prowls our new property alone. The … More Schrodinger’s Cat, Pandora’s Box, and a Pet Cat (Scan)


Baseball, hot dogs, and the American Flag symbolize our country’s national holiday. My sons will be together in California attending a game between the Giants and their arch rival, the Dodgers. My wife plans to do Hood River’s annual Fourth of July run/walk, a 7.2 mile event from mid-valley to downtown. Years ago, when I … More Flags


Way back on January 20th, a rare sunny day loosened the grip of winter. While out walking, I noticed the year’s first robins exploring the fruit trees. Within 24 hours, colder weather returned and forced these scouts back to their sea level outpost. The early arrival, however, portended winter’s retreat. The days began to lengthen. … More Robins

Five Years

In the 34 years my wife and I have lived in the Hood River Valley, each winter has been unique with the various permutations of ice, snow, wind, and rain. If there is a common theme, it is the blanket of cloud that settles between the foothills of Mt. Hood. From the high meadows all … More Five Years

Good Books

I have multiple myeloma, a cancer that affects the plasma cells in my blood. The initial diagnosis occurred in December of 2007. So, it’s been four years and seven months. My first doctor gave me five years to live; the second opinion I received generously offered six years. In retrospect, both those prognoses seem pessimistic. … More Good Books

Spring Fever

My wife and I are prepping our house for sale. We live about 15 miles south of town in the upper Hood River Valley. Our home is tucked into a remote corner of the county. Private timber company land and a Forest Service seed orchard adjoin us to the west and south.  Deer, elk, and … More Spring Fever

Dex in Wonderland

Monday morning I awoke at 3 am. I dressed, brewed a cup of tea, and left the house. A full moon lit the way, casting long shadows across the path to my truck. Out east, the horizon bristled with silhouettes of fir trees. I drove to my youngest son’s house. Isaac and his wife also … More Dex in Wonderland