First Chemo

I’m sure that many of you reading this blog have experience with cancer as either a patient or family member, and the scenes we describe are old news. Let me just say that I have the greatest respect for all who travel this road. We see courage displayed on a daily basis at the Seattle … More First Chemo

4th of July

I have been off all medications for three weeks. I feel good. My energy level has risen. I no longer need frequent naps. I walk everywhere and feel strong climbing hills. The numbers representing those changes are clear in my blood labs. My hematocrit, which measures the percentage of red blood cells, is normal. I … More 4th of July

I Miss My Cats

I miss my cats.     During the extensive evaluation at the SCCA, I’d had an EKG that presented an irregularity. So, in order to follow up on every little health clue in preparation for the demanding transplant in my future, a visit to a cardiologist was arranged. Early Monday morning we caught a shuttle … More I Miss My Cats