Balancing Act

As advertised, John is feeling “punier” by the day as the melphalan goes to work. Through yesterday he was able to eat sufficiently and drink the required 100 oz. of fluid per day, but by today he just can’t manage. So he will get a liter of fluid by IV today (at home), and probably … More Balancing Act

Day Zero

Day two of the transplant procedure was much better than day one. We were at the clinic for seven hours. I handled the amifostine and melphalan with no difficulty. The most annoying part was having to suck ice chips for one hour prior to and during infusion of the melphalan and then for an additional … More Day Zero

Knocking On Wood

I consented to the clinical trial. The decision gave me buyer’s remorse. The worry was whether the increased chemo would burn a hole in my gut. As it is, I won’t receive the mega dose; I was randomized to the standard high dose. The study hopes to define a new maximum tolerated dosage of chemo. … More Knocking On Wood